Stay Attentive and Responsive with Powerful Portfolio Modeling

RedBlack’s portfolio monitoring capabilities give advisors the power to keep a close eye on portfolios at the account and household level. Review and quickly take action on drift, investment policy violations, cash deposits and withdrawals, exposure, portfolio statistics, tax loss opportunities, order sets that require approval, and more. Our intuitive and flexible dashboards make it easy for users to quickly configure, begin viewing actionable items immediately, and receive alerts and notifications on cash activities, drift and thresholds.

Features that Keep You Constantly Aware



RedBlack lets users create their own dashboards by choosing from a wide variety of widgets. Start your day by viewing all your actionable items at a glance.


Drift Reporting

RedBlack lets you monitor drift at the account and household level, and quickly identify actionable portfolios on the dashboard. View drift at various asset classification levels, at the position level and for cash.


Cash Management

RedBlack makes tracking cash allocations and cash requirements fast and simply with customizable views. Receive dashboard notifications for portfolios that have cash deposits and pending cash withdrawals, or require raising cash.


Investment Policy Compliance

With RedBlack, you can effectively protect yourself and your clients with instant alerts of policy violations. Create unlimited investment policies with categories comprising of different classifications.


Tax Opportunity Screening

RedBlack lets you screen accounts and households for tax-loss harvesting opportunities at the position or trade lot level, with the flexibility to set amount and percentage based thresholds.