Streamline Operations Workflows While Achieving Best Execution

One of RedBlack’s key advantages is its trade order management, which is tightly integrated with our portfolio rebalancing and trading capabilities – saving you time, effort, and risk of errors or delays. RedBlack streamlines processes with features such as trade approval and trade-away workflows, order sets, block trading and allocations, intraday updates, and the ability to rebalance multiple times a day using the latest data. Our FIX connectivity and direct interfaces with various brokers’ proprietary trading algorithms and strategies to amplify trading and operational efficiencies and drive live order status notifications

Features that Increase Efficiencies


Trade Approval

RedBlack lets you set up trade approval workflows with up to three levels of approval. You can require approval of all trades, or make approval conditional.


Trade Order Sets

Organize your trades in order sets to suit your specific process. RedBlack also enables you to send trades from one set to another, and send sets from one user to another.


Reviewing and Adjusting Trades

RedBlack makes it easy to view trades grouped by account, household, ticker and classification. Quickly adjust auto-generated trades with real-time cash updates, instant restriction validation, and overbuy and oversell alerts.


Block Trading and Allocations

Building block trades is a breeze with RedBlack. A click of a button enables you to block trades by master account or across brokers, and effortlessly tweak allocations.


Fill Simulation

RedBlack lets you update positions and cash in portfolios intraday based for exported trades. Rebalance or trade accounts multiple times a day using up-to-date data.


Trade Export

With RedBlack, you can export trades, blocks and allocations in a format that can be uploaded to your custodian or broker for execution.


FIX Connectivity

Leverage FIX connectivity through RedBlack’s fully certified FIX integration with FIS’ broker-neutral SGN Network connecting more than 450 sell-side firms. Directly route and execute trades, and receive live order status notifications.


Trade-Away Workflows

RedBlack lets you use trade-away workflows to obtain best execution, by blocking trades across custodians and executing them at your broker of choice.


Algorithmic Trading

Trade large blocks without moving the market. RedBlack interfaces directly with the proprietary trading algorithms and strategies across a wide variety of brokers.