Differentiate, Compete and Grow with Advanced, Scalable Rebalancing and Trading

RedBlack provides game-changing rebalancing and trading capabilities that help advisors differentiate, compete and grow their firms. Our rebalancing and trading capabilities incorporate all your pre-trade rules related to portfolio drift, investment policy, restrictions, equivalents, rebalance settings, and asset location preferences. With RedBlack, you can perform rebalance actions from anywhere within the platform including drift reports, security cross-reference reports, and portfolio list views.

Advanced Features for Top Advisors



RedBlack lets you create different types of models to implement your investment management strategies, including blended models that improve maintainability and allow sleeve rebalancing.


Accounts and Households

Rebalance at the account or household level. Rebalance individual portfolios, portfolio groups or rebalance globally. RedBlack makes it fast and simple.


Tax Sensitive Rebalancing

With RedBlack, you can rebalance households in a tax-sensitive manner using the industry’s most sophisticated location optimizer. Create unlimited rule sets and rules at the household, account and asset classification level, and for cash


Held-Away Accounts

Our platform lets you easily incorporate held-away accounts including 401(k)s, 403(b)s and variable annuities.


Rebalancing Actions

Efficiently rebalance portfolios in full, rebalance individual positions, and rebalance sleeves in a blended model, as well as invest or raise cash.


Directed Trading

RedBlack provides directed trading capabilities that let you adjust positions, change position sizes, close positions and replace positions across accounts or households.


Multiple Security Types

Our platform enables you to use a wide variety of security types including equities, ETFs, mutual funds, individual bonds, unit trusts, SMAs and Limited Partnerships



With RedBlack, you can use different types of equivalents to manage legacy positions, mutual fund share classes, and preferred securities.